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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance Service | Garage Door Repair Spring Branch, TX

Keep Your Garage Door Healthy

While your garage door may seem like it's pretty straightforward, there are actually many components involved with the whole system that can get worn down from years of use. This is how slowing down and creakiness happens when it comes to your door opening and closing. However, there is a way to prevent this! Periodic maintenance on your garage door will help it maintain its efficiency as well as catch the early signs of trouble that could result in your door suddenly being inoperable when you need it most.

Assure Your Family's Safety

The safety sensors of your garage door are there to make certain that if anyone accidentally passes beneath it while closing, it will immediately stop. That's why it's of vital importance that these sensors are tested now and then to ensure that they're still working well and your door continues to be safe for children and pets to be around. We'll test the sensors thoroughly so you can rest assured that they are in the best of shape and will continue to keep your family protected from potential injury.

Let Us Inspect Your System

Our professionals will happily look over your door's whole system for anything that needs attention, such as bolts that have become loosened, or rust setting in on certain parts. This is the best way to stop any potential troubles in their tracks now so you won't be stuck dealing with them later, as well as help assure that your door is running smoothly.

We Do Part Lubrication As Well

Periodic lubrication of various parts of your door's system will help to keep them sturdy and in the case of your springs, elastic rather than becoming brittle over time and more likely to break. It will also help keep your door moving swiftly along it's track rather than slowing to a drag as can happen over the years.

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